How would your life be different if you had a place of women to learn the ways of women?”

Judith Duerck

Pause and recharge.

Your invitation to reflect on what’s important to you and how to stay connected to that.

When you sit in circle with women, listening and sharing, you can feel validated in your experiences. You realise that you’re not the only one who feels the way you feel. You get a chance to understand yourself better and bring more kindness and compassion into your life. And from there, anything is possible!

There’s never been a better time to experience this deep sense of connection and support.

Powerful change, healing and growth can happen when like-minded women come together to share about their joys and challenges. 

This is for you if you’re looking for:

~ an opportunity to pause and reflect on important topics related to your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as a woman

~ real connection with other women and a place to feel heard

~ a chance to switch off automatic pilot, stop the busyness, disconnect from technology

~ a way to bring more feminine energy into your life

~ a place to increase your self-awareness and nourish yourself deeply

Who is it for?

Women of all ages and at all stages of their life who are interested in personal evolution!

    Your guide:

    It’s me, Elise, who hosts these circles. A coach dedicated to women’s wellbeing and personal evolution. Through my own experience of sitting in circles and facilitating conversations between like-minded women over the years, I’ve gained a deeper respect for the power of feminine connection and support. You can find out more about me here.

    Each monthly gathering includes:

    • Two hours of nourishing conversation and insights around a chosen topic (see list below)
    • Practices to calm the nervous system and bring self-love and slow in your busy week
    • Time for self-reflection and writing using journaling prompts
    • Time for sharing thoughts and experiences if you choose to
    • Recommendations for additional resources to enrich your journey

      I loved the intimacy of the women’s circle. I felt connected (not alone), I felt compassion, I felt love. I found myself being fully present in the moment, for the first time in while.

      Marie C.

      Listening to all the women opening up their hearts made me feel quite emotional. I found us all very courageous. The whole experience was surrounded by much warmth and kindness.

      Elodie V.


      Next online women’s circle (Zoom)
      Monday 18th October – 7pm to 9pm

      Topic: Balancing life and work

      Location: Zoom

      Receive 10% discount when you bring a friend

      Next women’s circle in person
      Wednesday 27th October – 6.30pm to 8.30pm

      Topic: Self-care

      Location: Apotheca by Anthia – 1A Glenmore Road – Paddington

      Receive 10% discount when you bring a friend

      For more information, contact me

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