Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today, I am wise, so I am changing myself” 

I recall a time when there wasn’t much difference between me and a pile of laundry. I was constantly spinning round and round in this giant washing machine I called life. Once the cycle was over, I was totally wrung out. And then another cycle would begin. Until one day, instead of desperately trying to reach for the off button, I realised there were gentler options to choose from: “delicates”, “hand wash”, “baby care”. 

So here I was, ready for a change.

The familiar daily cycle I’d been relying on wasn’t helpful, it was making me sick. This marked the start of an intense journey of healing and self-discovery…not as easy as pressing a button but worth every bit of the effort.  

This precious inner work took many years, many forms and felt like a succession of mind/body upgrades. I learned to meditate, I changed the way I ate (many times), I journaled, I discovered yoga. I experimented with neuro linguistic programming, hypnotherapy, energy healing, Ayurveda, Acupuncture and other powerful holistic therapies. I went on personal development retreats and vision quests, embarked on a 6-month gut healing program and drastically reduced the toxins I was exposed to. Along the way I became a mum, quit my corporate job, took on studies in Nutrition and Positive Psychology and trained as a Life Coach.

So many paths opened up when I started working on myself rather than striving to change my external circumstances. Was it smooth sailing? No. Did it take time, effort and commitment? Yes. Ultimately it led me to where I am now: feeling grounded, excited at the possibilities ahead, knowing that I’m engaged in life in a way that is meaningful to me and supportive of others.

My exploration is ongoing and I don’t intend to stop it anytime soon! Early on, my desire for change was driven by the need to improve myself but the experience of becoming a mother awakened me to a new way of being. The willingness to bring acceptance and curiosity to my experience and to fully embrace who I am becoming instead of focusing solely on these parts of me I am leaving behind. I believe this is the true gift of life transitions.

I’d love to be your guide on your personal evolution journey: helping you clarify what change looks like for YOU and enabling it to unfold at the pace that YOU set.

If you’re keen to join me on this adventure, you can start with this awesome reading list I put together for you here.

And if you’re looking for my instagram handle…well, you won’t find it! This is part of my commitment to doing things my way, which includes going “sans” social media. This website is my online home, you’ll find everything about my work here. Happy browsing!

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I LOVE what I do as a Life Coach for women and mothers and I take it seriously. I’ve not only learned invaluable tools and techniques through my studies, but most importantly I’ve tried and tested them in my life. I work with an experienced coach myself and constantly engage in research, reading, personal development and hands-on experiments.

I LOVE what I do and I take it seriously. I’ve not only learned invaluable tools and techniques through my studies, but most importantly I’ve tried and tested them in my life. I work with an experienced coach myself and constantly engage in research, reading, personal development and hands-on experiments.


I’m a certified Human Potential Coach and received accredited training in the fields of Positive Psychology, Nutrition, Biohacking, Health, Performance and Personal Development.


I’m an Associate Certified Coach, accredited by the International Coach Federation and I abide by their code of ethics.


I received accredited training in applied Positive Psychology, Wellbeing, Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence with The Langley Group Institute in Sydney.


I studied Functional Nutrition, which considers how what we eat influences our health and wellbeing, but also the greater environment we are a part of.


I’m an accredited Mama Rising Facilitator and studied matrescence to help women navigate the profound transformation they go through during their motherhood journey. 

I highly encourage you to do your research before hiring a coach. Engaging the services of a certified coach who is a member of a professional organisation such as the ICF, AC or EMCC will ensure that they abide by a code of ethics which protects you.

If we value our life and our impact while visiting this earth, we have to look after ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. It starts with choosing to make it a priority and then using this priority as compass to live our lives.” 

I was born and raised in a small countryside village in the South of France and knew from a young age that I was going to travel the world and live, one day, somewhere far away. Fast forward a couple of decades and my dream came true: after exploring four continents, I finally decided to embrace Australia as my “home away from home”. I’m now a proud dual citizen and I live in Sydney, by the water, with my husband and 7-year-old daughter who takes any opportunity to correct my Frenglish and make fun of my accent.

I don’t feel 100% French anymore, and not quite 100% Aussie yet but I’m comfortable sitting on the edge. Travelling and becoming an expatriate have been mind-widening experiences for me. From them I derived a sense of adventure, curiosity and exploration that still rank high on my list of values and have led me to the work that I have chosen to do today: helping women positively embrace change and transition in their lives.

Before becoming a Life Coach and Wellbeing Consultant, I worked in Marketing and Communications for many years. I never felt I chose that line of work, it just kind of happened. And even though it wasn’t second nature to me, I applied myself and became pretty good at it. I worked hard, I got promoted and I took it as a sign to keep going. I worked harder, pushed through the pain and the stress and dismissed the early alarm bells my body started sending me.

Did I stop and listen? Nope! Sorry, too busy working. I continued that way until cumulated stress and poor health habits got the better of me: chronic infections which required monthly antibiotic treatments for a year. Around that time I started crying most days and overall felt pretty tired, helpless and depressed… But my sense of exploration was still alive! In trying to find my way out of this situation, I first stumbled upon Ayurveda or traditional Indian medicine, one of the oldest healing systems in the world. Through Ayurveda, I became familiar with the “whole body” approach to health: a glimpse into the subtle balance required between mind, body and spirit to achieve energy and vitality.  I experimented with the principle of food as medicine and paid more attention to the way I nourished my body.

The journey of exploration continued with meditation. I discovered how important it was to nurture not only my body but also my mind. From that moment on, I felt like I slowly but surely started living my life more intentionally. As my health improved, I decided it was time to change jobs. Same work, different company.

“Doing the same things again and again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity” – have you ever heard that saying, attributed to Einstein? Well it kind of rang true for me at the time. The stress I felt at work was taking over the pleasure I got out of my job. I was slowing sliding back into the same old patterns. My health took a toll and this time I was struggling to fall pregnant. Calling curiosity to the rescue, I experimented, learned some more and went up a notch with taking care of my body, mind and spirit.  Two years later, I got pregnant and gave birth to my gorgeous daughter. A great mentor of mine once said: “A birth creates a revolution inside of us”: I definitely came out the other side transformed and empowered. It acted as a catalyst for another round of mind/body upgrade. Only this time I wasn’t only doing it for me, I was also doing it for my daughter.

Navigating the intensity of being a new mum, away from family, required me to dig deep into my strengths and reconnect with my priorities. The birth of my daughter was also the re-birth of me in a way, and I had some work to do to get to know the new “me”. My thirst for adventure resurfaced. Using that momentum, I finally decided to walk my talk and embrace a new path, one that would align more truly to the person I was and the ripples of goodness I wished to create in this world.

In 2017 I quit my corporate job and started studying the body/mind topics I had become so passionate about: Functional Nutrition, Positive Psychology and Matrescence, the transformation a woman goes through as she navigates motherhood. I didn’t know where the journey would take me, but I surely could feel a fire in my belly, propelling me forward.

Looking back at this journey I see a golden thread: even though at times it felt like I was doing it alone, there was always someone cheering me on, someone who believed in me, who inspired me. Yes, change was born within me, but there was always someone else who played a role of catalyst or support. Aside from my beloved husband, family and friends, I’ve had the privilege to meet and work with talented health practitioners and learn from amazing coaches, therapists, mentors and teachers (my daughter is one of them!) and I continue to do so.

Today, it is my turn to be on your support team, if you let me. Accompanying you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you take leadership for your and your family’s life, supporting you to live in alignment with what makes your heart sing.

As a Life Coach, enabling change in others is a mission I take seriously. Sometimes when I fully embrace my inner poet, I like to think of myself as a deep placid pond, reflecting to others their inner beauty. What could the world look like if everyone, every woman, every mother, worked on getting to know themselves better, living a life aligned with their values, understanding what helps them feel resilient, energised, present and grounded?

We all know what the destination is going to be, ultimately…so let’s make the most of the journey. I can’t wait to take this ride with you!

None of us walks this path alone; we rely upon trusted and noble friends. One of the greatest challenges in our lives is to be a trusted and noble friend to ourselves and to others.
Christina Feldman
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Sydney, NSW, Australia

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