Mama Rising Circles

A journey within to reconnect to your essence as a woman and as a mother.


Do you find it hard to juggle your different roles as a partner, mother, working woman? Do you feel different about your relationship, your friendships, your work since you’ve become a mother? Do you feel torn between your personal needs and the needs of your family?

If self-doubt, guilt and overwhelm have become your constant companions, it’s time for you to redefine what it means to be a mother and a woman so you can feel empowered as you navigate this season of your life.

The Mama Rising Circles will help you explore who you are now you are a mother – no matter how long ago you first became one – and understand that you are going through a huge transformation of identity.

The shift in identity that a woman goes through when she becomes a mother is called Matrescence. This article here explains what it is and why it matters.

The Mama Rising Circles will help you:

Understand Matrescence and the internal/external influences that affect your experience of motherhood

Be kinder to yourself and tame your inner critic

Know your strengths and how to use them

Honour what is important to you, without guilt

Live life with more joy and grace

Learn to trust yourself and reconnect with your intuition

Nurture meaningful and supportive connections with the ones you love

“Understanding what Matrescence is and how to navigate it is like being handed a map. Once you’ve got the map, the journey gets easier… and really, really exciting. Because it’s the making of you.”

Amy Taylor Kabbaz

What I learned during the circles helped me feel more connected to my role as a mother and less guilty about protecting my wellbeing. I now pay attention to how I speak to myself and how I treat and prioritise myself.

I also feel less alone because I gained perspective – that we all go through matrescence and it is normal. This understanding has given me more confidence to speak up with my partner and family. I’m starting to ask for help and I’m finding that this is really shortening my cycle of resentment towards the massive changes in my life that have come with motherhood.

Learning from the other ladies in terms of the experiences – it made me feel so supported. It was lovely that we were all at different stages of motherhood too, but could see we all had similar experiences.  I also really valued the additional resources, they widened my knowledge on this stage of life.

Meredith, mum of a 3 year-old

It was truly a special experience to talk freely and openly with other women. I found it very nourishing and surprising just how much we all resonated with each other’s experiences.

The steps we covered during the circles were really valuable in understanding how a woman changes after having a baby. Not only were they skills I could adopt in everyday life, it allowed me to connect with my own feelings and recognise negative patterns of behaviour.

I feel I have a new understanding of myself and how I want to live my life as a mum and woman. I’m not as ‘stuck in my head’ and I’m certainly not as hard on myself.

Elise brings so much of her own personal experience and wisdom to the sessions, I often left these circles feeling clarity in my life direction and empowered as a woman. 

Katherine, mum of a 6 month-old

Who is it for?

  • Mothers at any stage of their motherhood journeys: whether you’re a newborn mum finding the adjustment into motherhood challenging and confusing, or a mum of young children or grown-ups who has lost her sense of self since becoming a mother.

  • Mothers who are experiencing or have experienced perinatal mood challenges.

  • Mothers who want to reconnect with the wise woman within, learn about themselves and unleash their full potential.

Your guides:

It’s me, Elise, who will be your guide during this journey. I’m a holistic psychotherapist and matrescence coach dedicated to women’s mental and emotional wellbeing. I am an accredited Mama Rising Facilitator, taking mothers through the method developed by Amy Taylor-Kabbaz to help them navigate their matrescence with confidence. You can learn more about me and my own matrescence journey here.

You also have the option to have an additional gathering with Susanne North, from SPIELFamilyCoaching. She will faciliate one circle on positive parenting to bring together all you will have learned about yourself and help you apply these nuggets of wisdom to support your children to thrive. You can find out more about Susanne’s circle here.

The journey includes:

  • 4 x two-hour women circles where you will progress, alongside like-minded mamas, through 6 nourishing steps to help you reflect, reset and reconnect while sharing and learning from each other in a supportive and caring environment. ​At the end of this journey, there is the option to attend an additional gathering, aimed at supporting you in deepening the connection with your child/children and giving you practical strategies to restore harmony and bring more joy into your family life. This gathering will be facilitated by Susanne North, parenting specialist and family coach and can be purchased separately here.

  • A mixture of guided reflections supported by worksheets, meditations and discussions to help you discover the new you that is arising through your motherhood journey and learn to appreciate the woman you are becoming.

  • A signed copy of Mama Rising by Amy Taylor Kabbaz, which will be referenced and used as study material throughout the journey.

  • Recommendations for additional resources to deepen your understanding and enrich your journey.

  • Email support as required.


Dates 2024

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Bulb Integrative Health – 351 Clovelly Road in Clovelly

If you’re not able to join in person, there is an online version of the Mama Rising circles available. Please mention your preference when joining the waitlist.

$290 for the full journey (4 circles).

Bring a friend and receive 10% discount.

If you have questions, get in touch:

These circles have been designed to take you on a journey – it is recommended that you commit to attending all of them.

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