Matrescence & Motherhood


Being a mother is the most precious gift life gave me. And it is also one of the most challenging journeys I’ve been on.

When I studied matrescence, I realised that this new role was not only teaching me how to nurture my relationship with my daughter, but also how to nurture my relationship with myself. I realised how much conditioning I had internalised about what it means to be a mother and how this was affecting my ability to connect with my instincts and personal power.

I now combine my lived experience together with my skills as a psychotherapist, coach and facilitator to support you in feeling empowered in your different roles. Guiding you as you draw your own picture of success for this season of your life, beyond the expectations that have been placed on you.

“Understanding that motherhood is the psychological and spiritual birth of a woman is the greatest story never told.”

Aurelie Athan

After having two children, I didn’t know how to get my life back and felt stuck in so many areas from my relationships to my job. I was feeling depressed and lost. Elise helped me gain so much clarity and purpose thanks to her broad range of techniques and exercises that felt very tailored to my needs which I continue to use in my life. I feel like I am now the mother, wife, friend that I aspired to be.

Marie Chouanard

Matrescence & Motherhood

I can support you with:

  • feeling more connected to yourself and to the ones you love
  • managing anger, anxiety, stress, mood challenges
  • processing the feelings of loss and grief related to your identity, body, relationships
  • uncovering your values, your strengths, your passions so you can make decisions that feel aligned to who you are
  • clarifying what you want and regaining a sense of empowerment, drive, and self-esteem
  • uncovering what’s holding you back, including limiting beliefs and internalised conditioning
  • reconciling the competing devotions of work and mothering in a way that feels good to you
  • mastering the art of boundaries and asking for what you need
  • navigating the highs and lows of mothering
  • reconnecting with your “inner compass” so you can discern what you want to keep doing, and what you can let go of

I work with women at different phases of their journeys:

  • navigating the rollercoaster of emotions during preconception
  • emotional and mental wellbeing during pregnancy and managing birth anxiety
  • postpartum adjustment and perinatal mood challenges
  • returning to work after maternity leave with confidence
  • navigating a promotion or career change
  • any other turning point that requires support and a change of perspective

How I work:

I draw heavily from the study of matrescence, the transformation a woman goes through as she navigates motherhood. I apply the coaching principles developed by my mentor, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz, to support mothers on their journeys towards self-empowerment.

I use my knowledge of traditional wisdom practices such as shamanic womancraft which I learned from my teacher Jane Hardwicke Collings, menstrual cycle awareness and cyclical wisdom to guide women back to their innate, embodied knowing.

I combine coaching and therapy in a way that is holistic, creative and intuitive. I weave into our sessions the methods gathered from years of study and personal practice, working with individuals and groups in these areas: holistic psychotherapy, neuroscience-based coaching, mindfulness, Process Work, somatics, positive psychology.

I provide individual sessions, and I also facilitate workshops and gatherings to provide a gentle and supportive space for you to feel heard, seen and valued on your journey, whether you’re trying to conceive, pregnant or actively mothering.

You can find my credentials on my About page.

I have had the privilege to meet inspiring teachers and guides along my journey. I want to acknowledge two of the amazing women I have learned from and I receive with a grateful heart their words of appreciation for my work:

“Elise is one of the most embodied and gifted coaches I have ever known. She manages to stay deeply grounded in her client’s unique experience whilst also drawing on her extensive training in the moment, always able to meet her client exactly where she is. I was so impressed with Elise’s coaching skills, I invited her to become one of our Coaching Mentors and Trainers in Mama Rising, as she truly embodies the best in the industry.” 

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

Author and founder of Mama Rising, global leader in Matrescence education

Elise has courageously walked her own path of initiation towards reclaiming her innate gifts and feminine power. And her journey can be an inspiration to many. She now combines an embodied knowledge of cyclical wisdom with her skills as a coach and psychotherapist to guide women on their journeys through matrescence. Elise’s kind and gentle nature together with her passion for this work, make her a fierce protector of the sacredness of motherhood.” 

Jane Hardwicke-Collings

Women’s Mysteries Teacher, Founder of The School of Shamanic Womancraft

Introductory session

Chemistry is the cornerstone of great coaching / therapy. I offer an introductory session that is your first step on our journey together.
It allows us to get to know each other and for you to decide if you are ready to commit more seriously.

(available online or in person)


Before going to see Elise, I had been feeling unhappy at work since coming back from maternity leave. Elise guided me to get clarity on what I wanted to achieve and what was important to me, which helped me gain confidence. I’m now feeling good about my choices, I started new and healthy behaviours that are and will continue to positively impact my day to day.

Laetitia G.

Working with Elise has helped me tremendously to trust my inner voice when it comes to motherhood and everyday challenges. I feel more confident about my own decisions as a woman and a mother, with more capacity to focus on what matters most. It’s priceless. Elise has a gentle yet efficient way of communicating which creates a safe and warm environment to discuss any topic.

Judith Dexmier

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I live and work on the unceeded land of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation. I bow to the wisdom of the custodians and their elders, past present and emerging.

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